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Gain confidence with breastfeeding

Gain confidence with breastfeeding

Gain confidence with breastfeeding


Do you have moments where you feel seriously overwhelmed, tired, and not at all confident?

Are you worried you wont be able to juggle everything between work and raising a beautiful, healthy, happy human being?

Are you nervous? Scared?

To combat these feelings with breastfeeding, equip yourself with as much knowledge as you can find. Pay attention to other mothers' experiences, and thoroughly research all things pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum practices.

Up your confidence and be ready to breastfeed without that awful sense of worry.

I see mothers all the time who hold onto fear about breastfeeding...that it won’t work for them because it didn’t work for their friend, or sister.

Or sometimes I see mothers who don’t worry enough about breastfeeding.

As one client put it, “I thought so much about the labor and delivery, I didn’t even think about feeding my baby which is the main focus after baby is here.”

If I hadn’t done all the research and prepared myself, I might have missed out on one of the most wonderful experiences of motherhood.

  • I wouldn’t have connected as deeply with my children.
  • I wouldn’t have gained the health benefits from breastfeeding (nor would my kids.)
  • I would have felt more stress & inconvenience trying to bottle feed.
  • I wouldn’t have given myself as much space for self-care as I did because my health was directly influencing the health of my children.
  • I wouldn’t have saved $$$$$$ on formula!

I want to tell you today that whatever’s holding you back….DON’T LET IT.

Breastfeeding is incredibly, remember all of that time and money you’ll be saving if you choose to breastfeed?

So what’s holding you back?

  • Whether it’s a fear that you won’t be successful (when you learn the strategies in Online Breastfeeding Course you’ll be equipped with all the best research and tips for successful breastfeeding, so you can be confident of your success.
  • Fear that it will be too costly (breastfeeding alone will save you thousands in baby’s first year).
  • Fear that it’s going to be SO MUCH WORK (we show you how simple and easy breastfeeding really is when you know what you’re doing, so that it’s less effort than formula feeding.)
  • Fear that your family won’t support you  - Build your support community and involve family members in your breastfeeding experience. 

I can tell you that learning how to breastfeed right now will significantly reduce your stress and uncertainty when baby comes.

I’ll give you all the guidance, and tools you need to successfully breastfeed. We have great teaching images and videos to show you exactly what you need to do in almost every breastfeeding scenario.

You’ll learn things you didn’t even know you should learn. And they’re going to help you with every child you have.

Because you get access to all of this amazing content for LIFE.You’ll not only access this amazing breastfeeding training course, you’ll also earn the convenience of learning at your pace, in your own home.

Let me just tell you that, YES, you can do this. Whether you take my guidance or not, you can breastfeed your baby with joy and ease. I just want you to know that.

Those fears that you’re holding onto don’t have enough power to stop you.

Sign up for my Online Breastfeeding Course today!!