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Unimom Forte

The Forte model is a durable, hospital-grade double breast pump with an extensive suction range that is designed for frequent, long-term expressing. The rhythmic suction allows for an efficient let down and maximum milk supply.

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Low Milk Supply

A combination of Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle and Goats Rue to boost supply and increase the rate of flow of your milk.

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"Julia was knocking at my door within 24 hours of my call for help. She was absolutely lovely and put me at ease immediately. She was able to identify the problem very quickly and has provided me with ongoing support as I try to get on top of it"


"I saw Julia the day after I came out of hospital having had a terrible start to breastfeeding as no support was given at the hospital. She made me feel instantly at ease and together we worked on my baby's latch which was contributing to the pain I was in. She identified the problem and was extremely supportive over the following week with follow up emails.

Thank you Julia"


"Julia was amazing my son was only a few weeks old when on a Sunday morning I left her a message seeking help. Julia called back and was available that same day to come and see me. She helped me so much in a time of need and if it wasn't for her and the follow up I possibly would have given up as I had raynauds and was in serious pain feeding. Julia picked this up and I have been able to manage feeding since. My son is now nearly 6 months old. Thank you"


"Julia helped Eva and I manage oversupply issues and wean from the sheild. She was also the first one to pick up a lip & tongue tie at 8 weeks of age when no one else had checked. Her gentle guidance and reassurance was so appreciated at such a stressful time. 9 months later and still going strong! "


"Julia helped me to wean my 6 week old off nipple shields and to boost my supply. She was a great support and very friendly. Would recommend to others in need of a private lactation consultant"



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