Bellema Wearable Electric Breast Pump
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Bellema Euphoria Plus
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Customer love for our breast pumps

"The best breast pump! So gentle yet effective in helping and encouraging milk to come through in the early days and then for pumping. Highly recommend"

Bellema Euphoria Plus Review

Jen F.

"The wearable pump is amazing, I am pumping the same or more than my previous [hospital grade] pump, but I have the freedom to relax or multi-task. I wish this had been available when my son was a baby.. absolute game changer!"

Bellema Wearable Electric Breast Pump Review


"I have used other breastpumps in the past and this supersedes them all. It is very comfortable to use, barely feels like it is there, and I always get good results."

Bellema Euphoria Plus Review


"This pump is a game changer! I can feed bubs and pump, vacuum and pump, do the dishes and pump, hang out washing and pump - pretty much any activity. It’s gentle and so easy to use. I absolutely love it!"

Bellema Wearable Electric Breast Pump Review


"This pump is amazing! My supply is super low but this pump has taken the stress away from expressing after each feed. Super comfortable, effective, and fast! Would never go back to another pump again."

Bellema Effective Pro Review

Kat K.

"This is such a great wee pump. I was about ready to give up on my expressing journey before receiving this pump. It۪s so nice and compact and very efficient. My pumping time has cut in half and I seem to be expressing more milk than I was with my old pump!"

Bellema Effective Pro Review


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Julia's business journey was recently featured on Discover more about the modest beginnings of More Than Milk in 2014, and how we have grown to the store you see today. 

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We are deeply saddened to hear that Hayley's baby has since filming passed away during her pregnancy.

We respect her privacy during this difficult time.

Due to this and out of respect for Hayley we have removed the video from our website.

Supporting Mothers

More Than Milk was founded by International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Paediatric Registered Nurse Julia Daly to provide support for women as they navigate motherhood. With an overwhelming amount of advice and newborn "essentials" in the market, More Than Milk provides a refined range of tried and tested products to help make your post-natal and newborn period simpler and more comfortable.