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Bellema Troubleshooting

Weak or no suction

  • Make sure all your parts are dry, especially the diaphragm 
  • Ensure all connections are tight and there are no air leaks 
  • Check there is no moisture in the tubes and they are dry. Bent tubes will cause blocked air flow (Bellema Euphoria Plus)
  • Worn out tubes can cause suction issues. Replace as needed. 
  • Ensure the silicon casing is fitted tightly into the breast shield 
  • Check the tubing is connected correctly at the pump motor end and also to the breast shield. Also check it is connected to the tubing connector correctly (Bellema Euphoria Plus)
  • Check you have replaced your parts diaphragm and insert every 2-3 months with frequent expressing
  • Check the valve is not damaged or torn (this can happen during cleaning if not careful). Also if you have been sterilizing the diaphragm this can also cause suction issues.

No milk is coming out when I pump

  • Try applying heat pre pump to get the milk flowing 
  • Try hand expressing some milk prior to pumping to help with the let down Use the pump in stimulation mode until the milk is flowing, then switch to expression. 

Device is not powering on

  • Check your pump is plugged into a working socket. Try using another item in the socket to check it works. 
  • Make sure the power adaptor is connected correctly 
  • Does your pump work on battery? It may be a faulty power cord. 
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged and the pump is switched ON. 
  • Do not use any power adaptor that does not come with the pump, this will void your warranty.

Leaking Wearable Pump

  • Our Wearable pumps are a closed system and leak-proof.
  • Ensure the parts are assembled correctly. Make sure the pump and bottle are sealed.
  • Ensure you are using a maternity bra when pumping and your nipple is aligned correctly in the pump.
  • Make sure you are upright when pumping. 
  • Do not overfill the bottle. If milk covers the duck bill valve milk can outflow from the shield. Make sure you empty the bottle prior to it overfilling.

If you have been through the troubleshooting guide in your breast pump box or here and are still having issues send us an email with a video for us to check the issue. It is more than likely a parts issue rather than a pump motor issue.