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Breastfeeding in the Early days

Breastfeeding in the Early days

Breastfeeding in the Early days

How many minutes should a baby breastfeed for?

There is no simple answer to this, some babies are fast eaters and some are slow just like adults.

The number of minutes your baby feeds does not tell you anything about how much milk he consumed. On average, it takes most newborns somewhere between 5 and 55 minutes to finish a breastfeed. Both fast and slow nursers usually have periods of wide jaw movements along with some pauses.

It is perfectly normal for your baby to have some feedings longer or shorter at different times of the day and this is not a cause for concern. I always recommend to offer both sides each feed but some feedings your baby may only take one side and this is normal.

Your baby should have 8-12 breastfeeds every 24 hours. It is normal for newborns to cluster feed and this is how you build a healthy milk supply. As your baby grows and their stomach grows they can hold more milk their feeding pattern will settle.

How long is it ok for a newborn to sleep?

As long as your baby is getting 8 feeds in 24 hours and gaining weight (15-240grams a week) there is no reason to wake your baby for a feed. Output should be good too. 6-8 wet nappies in 24 hours, 1-2 poo.

Stools are a good indicator your baby is getting enough milk. It should turn from black to green Day 3 and green to yellow by day 4-5. Expect a weighty gain of 30 grams per day. 


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