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The First Week

The First Week

The First Week


Invest your time in lots of Breastfeeding . . .  it will pay off!

What to expect? Feed, Sleep, Feed, Sleep, Feed, Feed, Feed!!

First 24 hrs:

-Alert and awake, primed for feeding

-If breastfeeding is effective, there is a period of sleep

- Great time to recover, get a good rest

2nd night:

- Your baby may want to feed lots! This is normal

- Spend as much time skin to skin and be prepared 

- Rest when baby is sleeping

Day 3:

- The milk comes in: Feed baby as often as possible

- Baby blues: Huge changes in hormones take place. You may feel a bit teary and emotional for a day or two.

-PKU test - a heel prick blood test that can pick up more than 20 metabolic disorders

Within the first week:

- A health professional will do a full baby check including weight

- Your milk should have come in and baby is feeding by supply and demand

- Feeding lots in the first few weeks will set up more prolactin receptors, resulting in long term milk supply

- If you're not sure about feeding, get help as soon as possible