Skin to Skin - Why is it soo important?


The amount of time spent in uninterrupted skin to skin contact at birth and in the days following is a critical component to successful breastfeeding.
Research has shown that skin to skin:
  • Improves mother/baby bonding
  • Prolongs breastfeeding duration
  • Calms baby - less crying, less stress hormones
  • Stablises heart rate, temp, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, stable blood sugar levels. This all helps baby to adjust to life outside the womb.
  • Encourages baby led feeding - its easy access and on tap!
  • Colonises baby with mums flora
  • The more skin to skin after birth and first few weeks, the better their brain development will be
  • Releases oxytocin - known as the 'love' hormone which: causes the uterus to contract, increases mums temperature - keeping baby warm, promotes letdowns, helps mum feel calm and responsive and in love with baby.