Milk Blebs

Milk Blebs

Milk Blebs

Milk blebs are solidified milk that block the milk pores

Treatment: It may open on its own during feeding but if not try the following:

  1. Soak the nipple in warm water then gently rub it with a warm damp cloth or olive oil to soften the skin

  2. Try to remove the skin by scraping it off with a clean finger nail or tweezers

  3. If these measures don't work - open it with a sterile needle and express or breastfeed immediately afterwards, be sure to remove any thickened milk that has backed up in the duct. There may be a small strand or string of hardened milk come out.

  4. Finish with soap and water wash. Then apply antibiotic ointment afterwards to prevent infection.

If it reoccurs, try:

Lecithin supplements - 1 capsule (1200mg) 3-4 times per day

After 1-2 weeks with no blockage, reduce the dosage by 1 capsule

Gently massage the nipple with a fine defoliant in the shower each day

Massage the areola with grapefruit seed extract oil (a few drops of grapefruit extract in olive oil)

Don't forget to investigate the underlying cause. If left untreated it may lead to plugged ducts or mastitis.