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Upang UV Steriliser
Upang UV Steriliser

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Upang UV Steriliser

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Infra Red / Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Sterilise breast pump accessories, bottles, pacifiers, toys, eating utensils, toothbrushes and more!

Ultraviolet sterilisation effects are harmless to the human body and produce a 99.9% sterilisation rate against pathogenic bacteria, fungi and various infectious diseases.

The perfect size for your kitchen bench or clinic.

Dry and sterilize up to 14 bottles in 1 cycle

Can Also Sterilize other dry household items including cellphone, computer mouse, hair comb, toys, toothbrush and more.


  • dual UV Sterilizer
  • 3 control buttons – automatic / sterilization / ventilation – see cycle info below
  • Registered medical device product in US FDA (Medical Device No:3007914006)
  • 99% sterilization effect for influenza virus
  • 99% internal sterilization effect for dummy and baby bottle
  • Eco-friendly product by means of low temperature drying process via infrared ray below 40 degrees

Certificate of Analysis

How to use:
Wash item as per normal. Dry thoroughly and place in the Upang steriliser in an upright position. Press start


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