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Orally Horopito has been used successfully to treat thrush both orally and vaginally. Horopito has been studies by the pharmacy industry and comes up as a leader in treating thrush-more so then all conventional treatments available. Manutuke Herbs NZ Herbal Range has a Candida Health product which contains herbal Horopito and Pohutukawa which was traditionally used to treat thrush. Garlic and homeopathic Candida ALB 30c are also added to make this remedy a complete balance. This product is taken for four days usually with great success within days. Mum can spray the nipple before a feed for baby if oral thrush is an issue.

TOPICAL: Candida Health Ointment is a Coconut oil base infused with Horopito tincture which can be applied directly to the nipples several times daily (this is safe for baby to suck on) or applied to the vagina/or nappy region if required.

Homeopathic contents: Calc Carb | Sepia | Candida Alb | Kreos | Cantharis in 6x, 60x and 30c potency based in vegetable glyerine

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