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Milk Screen Alcohol Test kit

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Milkscreen Breast Milk Alcohol Test  8 Test Strips

In only two minutes, Milkscreen analyses breast milk for the presence of alcohol and provides you with a clear positive or negative reading.

In the past, there were only generalized guidelines for the questions surrounding breastfeeding after consuming alcohol, and everyone actually metabolizes alcohol at different rates.

With Milkscreen, there is one simple and accurate method to let Mum know if her milk contains a level of alcohol that may impact baby.

Allows Mums to celebrate a special occasion (anniversary, wedding) with confidence that their breast milk is safe for their baby.

Innovative unique product providing 99% accuracy

If the test result is Positive, confirming alcohol is present in the breast milk, do not feed to your baby or to avoid all risk entirely, don't drink alcohol while breastfeeding

8 test strips per packet.

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