The sleepy baby

The sleepy baby

The sleepy baby

Newborns need to have 8-12 effective feeds in 24 hours to gain adequate weight, maintain milk supply and avoid jaundice. If a baby sleeps longer than 4-5 hours or falls asleep without actively sucking for at least 10-15 minutes, you may need to awaken and encourage baby to breastfeed more often.

Waking Techniques

- Wake baby in light sleep cycle, look for any movement his eyes, face and body. Unwrap and pick up.

- Dim lights

- Talk to baby

- Unwrap, undress - skin to skin

- Sit upright

Keeping baby interested

- Express milk onto baby's lips 

- Switch breasts when sucking slows, use let downs resulting in more milk for baby

- Change nappy/burp

- Try football/cross cradle hold

- Massage baby's crown in circular motion while feeding


- Rub, pat, walk fingers up spine

- Change nappy

- Move arms and legs in bicycle motion

- Skin to skin contact

- Wipe face with a cool cloth

- Circle babies lips with fingers

Possible Cause

- Drugs from labour and birth

- Medical causes: diabetic mum, jaundice

- Poor latching, slow milk flow

- Full breasts, unable to latch

- Too much stimulation. Avoid loud noises and bright lights