Signs of poor positioning and attachment


Things to avoid:

A compressed, flattened or white nipple after feeds. There is often an obvious ridge across the nipple.

Clicking noises or pursed lips during feeding

Baby sliding off the breast or lunging backwards and forwards

Breast and/or nipple pain

Hollow cheeks and dimples when sucking - both are signs that the tongue is not positioned correctly

No suck/swallow rhythm once the milk comes in. There should be bouts of rhythmical suck and swallowing at least 6-8 in a row with a pause of a few seconds, then continuing sucks/swallow. With colostrum swallowing should be heard intermittently and the pattern of feeding will be different.

Avoid attempting to feed a crying and frustrated baby. Settle baby first and then try again.

If you need help with latching, don't hesitate to contact me.