Manual breast pump review - Haaka


I recently brought the haaka as my wee one won’t take a bottle and in the mornings I don’t have time to pump with getting the older two off to school. 

Harper is 10 months and I don’t want to increase my supply so the haaka was a good option. 

Positive aspects to the pump:

Super handy 

Easy to use - literally just pop it on (inverting the shield) with a squeeze and voila that's it!!


Can be used to help clear blocked ducts - will pop a separate blog up about this. 

Remember the Haaka is a milk catcher so won’t completely drain your breast. It works well if you have a good supply. It’s best used while feeding and attached to the other breast. It’s a great manual pump and the best one I have used. Would definitely recommend.

If you need a pump to increase supply or drain the breast the Bellema Effective Pro is your best option.