Flat/Inverted Nipples

Flat/Inverted Nipples

Flat/Inverted Nipples


Babies "Breastfeed" not "nipple feed"

Studies show there is no need for antenatal treatment for flat or inverted nipples.

Focus should be on good positioning and latch rather than "inadequate nipples"

Flat Nipples

If the nipple does not become erect when doing the "pinch test"


Only part of the nipple protrudes, it can be pulled out but does not stay out when there is no stimulation

True Inverted

If the nipple retracts and sinks inwards when doing the pinch test.

Slight - a baby with a normal suck should be able to bring out the nipple without difficulty.

Moderate - when they are compressed they retract deeply, which may make latching on difficult. 

Severe - does not respond to stimulation or pressure, because adhesions bind the nipple inward. Congenital absence of the nipple is rare.