Breastmilk . . . perfect food for a perfect baby!!


Carboydrates - lactose, Energy, growing brain

Water - 87% water in breastmilk

Protein - 40% Casein (tough, less digestible); 60% Whey (soft, creamy curd, antibacterial and immune properties)

Provides amino acids, immunoglobulins, enzymes. Carries: Hormones and vitamins/minerals, making them easy to be absorbed

Fat - energy source for babies needs, nerve and brain development

Vitamins: Vitamin A - vision, Vitamin K - blood clotting, Vitamin D - bone formation, Vit B12, Vitamin E - anti oxidant, Vitamin C

Minerals: easily absorbed. Calcuim - bone growth, heart function. Iron, Copper, Chloride, Zinc, Iodine, Sodium.

Living cells - white cells kill bacteria, strengthen immune system, formula is not a living substance