Expressing Guide

Expressing Guide

Expressing Guide


Once your milk is established (around 4-6 weeks) you may find there are times when you would like to express breastmilk with a breast pump. 

Unsure which pump to get?

Pregnant - I would recommend the Bellema Euphoria Plus - its a Hospital grade pump and great for any kind of pumping. It is designed to increase supply if you run into issues and is a great all round pump.

NICU Mums - Bellema Euphoria Plus or Unimom Opera

Exclusively Expressing mums - Bellema Euphoria Plus or Unimom Opera

Low supply mamas - Bellema Euphoria Plus - this pump is designed to Increase Supply. 50% more milk in less time and unlike most pumps this one has a dual motor. This pump is also portable with a build in lithium battery - 2.5 hours of on the go pumping time. 

Going back to work? Or travelling? Our New Bellema Wearable pump is the one to go for. Fits discreetly in your bra so you can pump anytime and anywhere. 

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding use, cleaning and sterilization. The Centre of Disease Control Guidelines are a great guide. A warm soapy water wash and then tip boiling water over the parts that touch milk is an easy way for tired mums and one we recommend. Check out our Bellema UV Sterilizer bags too as these are a great time saving option and kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and mould (particularly good in Covid times).

If you do need to express for whatever reason these bras are amazing to make your life easier!

We have the PUMPD range of breast pumps if you would like a manual option or alternatively we have our wonderful Bellema and Unimom ranges online. 

Research tells us double pumping is much more effective and a better way to increase milk supply faster. 

If you are wanting to increase supply - try Intensive pumping for 48 hrs after as many feeds as you can. If you have a double pump this can be 10 mins total or if you have a single pump I would recommend 5 mins each side x2. This helps create multiple let downs and more milk in less time. Make sure you pump on the lowest setting possible to get milk.

The best way to check your shield size is with the pump on. Your pump will come with a standard size shield usually around 24-25mm. If you find pumping uncomfortable or that your nipple is touching the sides of the flange you may need a larger size. Most people will fit a standard size but occasionally you will need to go up or down a size. If you are unsure feel free to contact me.

If you are wanting to pump for a freezer stash- feed your baby in the morning then pump each day at the same time after this feed. Use this milk for your freezer stash.

Breast milk storage guidelines for well and healthy full-term babies at home

Fridge - 3 days

Freezer - up to 3 months

Deep Freeze - up to 6 months